7 Surprising Benefits of Practicing Gratefulness

December 1, 2015 Kerry Sutton

In fact there are some wonderful potential Benefits of Gratefulness, and they are backed up by science – more than 40 studies! Change your thoughts and change your life!

Here are some of the life changing benefits of a regular gratefulness practice:

♦  Increased optimism, enthusiasm, alertness, determination, creativity, and energy. Studies show that our perspective on life is more influential than our actual life situation. This means less depression and stress.

In fact research indicates that people who develop an attitude of
gratefulness are less likely to develop a mental illness

♦  Stronger immune system and increased lifespan. Some studies have revealed that ‘gratitude practice’ can reduce our levels of pain, how often we visit the doctor, and lower our blood pressure.

♦  Stronger self esteem and less self-centered feelings and behavior. This means we are more like to be focused on what really matters in life, such as family and friends, as opposed to materialism.

♦  Faster ability to get to sleep at night, and significantly better quality and duration of sleep.

♦  Helps us make more friends, improve our personal relationships and strengthen our social connections. Studies show when we ‘practice gratitude’ we are more likely to be liked, trusted, and appreciated by others.

♦  Greater progress towards achieving personal planned goals. Its only one study – but what an exciting prospect.

♦  Gratefulness requires you to be present-in-the-moment. What a beautiful way of practicing mindfulness.

♦  Lastly, we can raise our ‘happiness set-point’ when we create a ‘practice of gratitude’.

It seems our basic level of happiness is set at a predetermined point.

When we experience something good it rises momentarily, something bad it drops momentarily, but it always returns to its set-point. Set aside 2 to 5 minutes at the end of each day to WRITE or SAY 3 -5 interesting things that made you feel good to begin your own ‘gratitude practice’.


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