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About Kerry

Counsellor Gold Coast

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I’m Kerry, a counsellor Gold Coast Australia. My services are available from Ormeau to the Tweed, and Online Worldwide. I have helped many individuals work through a wide range of issues.

My focus is helping people grow through difficult adversities, and break free of unhelpful patterns of behaviour, so they can identify and take hold of what matters most to them. I feel privileged to be part of this process.

“No man or woman is an island, we all need support, inspiration and encouragement throughout our life journey”.

Counselling Gold Coast

What Led Me to Becoming a Counsellor

Like most people I have experienced some unwanted challenges. For me they generated a curiosity about the human experience. How do we develop resilience? How do we become better, not bitter? What sort of environment do we need to become the best version of ourselves?

A brief overview of my journey: 

My adult life got off to a bit off a rocky start with the death of my mother at the age of 14, followed by the birth of my first child at the age of 16. It was amazing to be a young mum, but it was also difficult to find my place in the world. In my 20s I met and married my husband and we eventually became a family of six with the addition of our three boys. And now I have two beautiful grandchildren. 

So, I know how it is to be a mum with a young family, raising adolescent boys and girls, having them all leave home, and becoming a grandparent. I also know what its like to be part of a blended family.

In addition to parenting I worked in various volunteer roles from my early teens into my 40s. Working with youth, running women’s groups, connection groups for business owners, and working with children. I was really privileged to have a couple of wonderful mentors during these years.

My paid work included dressmaking, which I still love to do, and interior design work in the building industry.

During these years there were also some significant challenges with a workplace injury and chronic pain. And the stressful experience of business loss for both my husband and myself. The impact of each of these ricocheted into almost every area of our lives. It has been a steep learning curve at times, but it has also fueled personal growth, strengthening our relationship.

What I can see looking back:

 There are two very strong passions that have continued to interweave throughout my life journey in one form or other. The first of these is to support, empower and connect people, and the other a desire to create. Eventually I brought both of these together with the launch of a Sewing school for adults. It was so much more than a place to learn, it was a place to connect, replenish and inspire one another.

The passion I had cultivated through volunteer work finally culminated in study to gain formal qualifications as a counsellor. I have been in private practice as a counsellor Gold Coast for a number of years of now, and find it incredibly rewarding. Equally rewarding has been the opportunity to teach and assess counselling students. I believe all the difficulties and challenges I have experienced have given me a unique perspective on life. It has helped me develop an empathy and genuineness that assists my clients to connect with their inner wisdom, capacity, and strength.

“Each of us has unlimited potential for growth and healing.

How Counselling Can Help You

As a counsellor Gold Coast & Online I offer, you a safe space, free of bias, so you can explore your thoughts and uncover your own insight.  

This will help you to understand your problems, and with the right tools you can begin to resolve them on your own.  This is often not possible with friends and family.

My overall approach to counselling can be described as ‘person-centred’, ‘strengths based’ and ‘solution focused’.  Essentially this means I create a supportive, un-judgmental environment, ensuring you feel accepted and free of bias or judgment. I value your capacity for growth and change, and I recognise and draw upon your unique life experiences.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a key part of how I work. This is because I have witnessed the positive changes in my clients lives, again and again. The ACT model of therapy utilises mindfulness skills to help you handle painful thoughts and feelings so they have less impact and influence on your life.

Ongoing research continues to reinforce the therapeutic benefits of this simple practice of ‘being present’. It has been found to be effective with anxiety, stress, depression, chronic pain, addiction, eating disorders, and increased levels of self-acceptance, self-compassion and self-awareness.

ACT also assists you in clarifying what is most important and meaningful to you – your values.  The focus is on coming to terms with the past, acceptance of the present and authentic living and planning for the future.

Take the First Step

♦  Discover a richer life, full of meaning and purpose

♦  Begin to resolve painful past experiences and learn how to be more present

♦  Develop new capacity and skills to manage the challenges of life

♦  Learn how to communicate with honesty and respectfulness

♦  Develop more confidence and understanding about yourself and your relationship’s

♦  Reconnect with your true self

Counsellor Gold Coast
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Mindfulness Quiz: How present are you in your life?


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