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Relationship Hope: Building Curiosity and Letting Go of the Stories

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He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass. ~ Thomas Fuller. Do you find yourself in arguments that start at the drop of a hat? Or more like flatmates, crossing each other’s path in the course of daily life? In the early stages of a relationship everything is new and […]


Social Connection: Why You Need to Find Your Tribe

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“It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being.” ~ John Joseph Powell. Are you or someone you care about experiencing loneliness? If so, you may also […]

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Are Your Expectations About Happiness Causing You Pain?

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“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.” ~ Eckhart Tolle. Are you finding it difficult to enjoy life? Maybe happiness keeps slipping through your fingers. If you are driven by what lies in the future, then this is most likely the problem. Goals are a wonderful and […]


Breaking The Codependency Cycle: How To Empower Your Partner

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Codependency is driven by the agreement that you will work harder on their problem and their life than they do. ~ Unknown. Are you always rescuing your partner or your adult child? Do you feel responsible for them? Is it helping or are you feeling burdened, frustrated and trapped? In a codependent relationship one person (the rescuer) […]


11 Inspirational New Year Quotes To Kick Start Your Year

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Whether you plan on making New Years resolutions or not, I hope these New Year quotes inspire you as much as they inspire me. So no matter what kind of year you’ve had, take a moment to read and be encouraged with the year ahead. Enjoy… 1. There is nothing magical about the flip of the […]

Mindfulness Quiz: How present are you in your life?

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Mindfulness Quiz:
How present are you in your life?

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