5 Keys to a Happy Relationship: Simple Steps with Huge Impact

5 Keys to a Happy Relationship: Simple Steps with Huge Impact

“In relationships you need a habit of mind that scans the world for things to appreciate rather than things to criticize.” ~John Gottman.

It’s easy to see why the skills required to build a great relationship are becoming a lost art. I mean it only takes a second to swipe right on a tinder photo to meet someone new. 

And yes, this might seem a whole lot easier than navigating ongoing issues with your current partner. However, in many cases this is a short term fix. 

Why? Because you could be repeating the same patterns of behaviour in all your relationships. 

If this is your experience it doesn’t have to be. Once you know the secrets of a happy relationship, and begin to apply them, you will be able to ask for what you need without blaming, attacking or feeling defensive. You will know how to stop situations from escalating, and how it feels to be heard, validated and understoodOverall you will experience more connection, intimacy and love. 

Of course even happy couples experience difficulties. But they also know how to navigate them more successfully.  

The infographic below highlights 5 keys to a happy relationship. These are based on 1000’s of hour’s of research, identifying what destroys love and what creates a successful relationship. 

happy relationship

Kerry Sutton is a counsellor and psychotherapist who works with couples to create great relationships and individuals who are experiencing anxiety and stress, grief or chronic pain. She sees clients at her private home office in Robina on the Gold Coast, as well as counselling Online in the privacy of her clients own home.



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