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Help For Anxiety And Stress

Are you sick of feeling anxious, stressed or depressed? Anxiety and worry are normal reactions to fear and stress, experienced by everyone at one time or another. A little bit of anxiety can actually be useful, as it motivates us to perform well. However, some levels of stress leave people feeling chronically anxious because...CONTINUE READING>

Grief Counselling

The experience of grief can evoke distressing emotions, such as anger, denial, sadness, despair, guilt, confusion, disbelief, numbness, or fear. You might be unable to concentrate, sleep or eat, be over-reactive, or want to withdraw. You may feel like you are going crazyCONTINUE READING>




Chronic Pain Counselling

If you are living with chronic pain / illness then you know that it’s not just your physical health that suffers. It radiates into every facet of your life – impacting on your relationships, parenting, sleep, work / study, and social life. It can lead to intense feelings of depression, anger, frustration, fear, anxiety, and hopelessness. CONTINUE READING>


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