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When we think about grief we tend to associate it with the loss of a loved one - bereavement. And this is certainly one of the most distressing experiences any of us will ever have in our life time. However, there are other unwelcome life transitions that can also turn your life inside-out.

One of these is Chronic Pain and illness. The pain is often exacerbated by the trigger of other losses. These might include loss of income, career, sense of freedom, sexual function, intimacy, cognitive function, diminished control, independence, mental health, dignity, hope, certainty, and sense of self and identity. 

The experience of grief can evoke distressing emotions, such as anger, denial, sadness, despair, guilt, confusion, disbelief, numbness, or fear. You might be unable to concentrate, sleep or eat, be over-reactive, or want to withdraw. You may feel like you are going crazy.

Some other common causes of grief include:

Becoming a carer.  Business loss. Moving country or even city. Miscarriage. Discovering you are unable to have children. Loss of job. Retirement. Relationship breakdown or divorce. Empty nest.

Counselling can support and equip you through the process of transitioning from life before your loss, to a different way of living - with a renewed sense of hope and meaning in your life. It's not about getting over the loss, it is about how you integrate your loss into your life moving forward. 

Once you choose hope, anything is possible. ~ Christopher Reeve

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