Get Connected: Loneliness might be making you sick

February 1, 2016 Kerry Sutton

When we focus on ourselves, our problems loom large. But when we FOCUS on OTHERS, our world expands.” ~ Daniel Goleman.

US statistics show that the number of people who have no one to confide has tripled over the last 20 years.  In Australia both YOUNG and OLD are experiencing LONELINESS – with more and more people choosing to live alone and new technologies reducing the need for people to connect in social situations.

WHY THE CONCERN? - Because loneliness is BAD for your HEALTH!

Your health and happiness is strongly linked to how socially connected you are!  The effect of social connection is SO SIGNIFICANT that it can boost your health as much as losing weight, exercise, or quitting cigarettes or alcohol.  People who belong to a wider social group have improved psychological/emotional health, and also enjoy better physical health – Over 148 STUDIES can’t be wrong!

“In one experiment, paid volunteers had a cold virus sprayed in their noses.  The people with very few or no social contacts were four times more likely to come down with cold symptoms than those with lots of social contacts”.

When you have GOOD CONNECTIONS with others you are MORE LIKELY to:

♦  Have Lower Blood Pressure

♦  Have a Lower Heart Rate

♦  Experience Less Colds

♦  Have a Stronger Immune System to Fight Serious Illnesses

♦  Experience Less Mental Illness

♦  Take Less Risks

♦  Respond Better to Stress

♦  Take Better Care of Yourself.  The list goes on


Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "The only way to have a friend is to be one".

You can begin by:

♦  Strengthening your existing relationships

♦  Asking a neighbour or someone at work out for coffee or lunch

♦  Bringing some of your family members together

♦  Joining a community group

♦  Volunteering

♦  Supporting others when you see the need

Connecting with others can be daunting, but it takes just THREE SECONDS of COURAGE to take the first step towards friendship, and realise we all need the support of others - The benefits are amazing! 


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