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The Truth About Grief: Myths and Facts And How You Can Cope

“Each persons grief journey is as unique as a fingerprint or snowflake.” ~ Earl Grollman. Grief can be an excruciatingly painful and lonely experience. This can be further compounded by grief myths that suggest your reactions and behaviors aren’t normal. My hope is this article will extinguish some of the shame or fear these myths generate so

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Body Betrayal: How “You Can Live Well” With Chronic Pain And Illness

“No matter what illnesses and injuries you are carrying, while you are still breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you.” ~ Vidyamala Burch. I have only just come across the term “body betrayal”. It concisely summarizes the overwhelming thoughts and emotions that flood in, when you realize your body is never going to be

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5 Science Backed Reasons Why You Should Laugh More Often

“Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.” ~ George Gordon Byron. A sense of humor is a wonderful gift. There is nothing quite like a good belly laugh to lift your spirits. Laughing might be as effortless as breathing for you, or relegated to those rare moments that catch you off guard. If you’re the latter

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15 Signs You Might Be A Control Freak, And What To Do About It

“You’ll tell yourself anything you have to, to pretend that you’re still the one in control.” ~ Jodi Picoult. Have you ever been called a control freak or something similar? If so, your behavior is probably impacting negatively on your important relationships; family, friends, and / or people you work with. Needing to be in control is also

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Menopause: A Very Hot Topic

“Let the change, change your life for the better.” ~ Joanne Kimes. If you are on the menopause or perimenopausal rollercoaster then you have probably already googled every corner of the web. And gleaned what you can from women friends and family members. It’s certainly not the taboo subject it was, but it’s still not


Kerry exudes love and serenity in a world that can be frenetic. She is warm, genuine and gentle, and when you have finished talking to her you walk away feeling that you were heard, understood and not judged.

I have always admired her ability to be so calm and hope one day to emulate her patience and achieve this serenity.