Posted by Insync-wp on 30/01/2017

Menopause: A Very Hot Topic

“Let the change, change your life for the better.” ~ Joanne Kimes. If you are on the menopause or perimenopausal rollercoaster then you have probably already googled every corner of the web. And gleaned what you can from women friends and family members. It’s certainly not the taboo subject it was, but it’s still not

Posted by Insync-wp on 23/01/2017

People Pleasing: Is The Stress Of Trying To Fit In Stressing You Out?

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken.” ~ Oscar Wilde. Have you spent your life bending over backwards to accommodate the needs of others in a quest to be accepted, needed, and validated? If, so then you know the pain of feeling not enough, and the accompanying fear that those around you will eventually discover your

Posted by Insync-wp on 21/01/2017

The Vicious Cycle Of Alcohol And Depression

“Your future depends on the choices you make today. The future for this reason can be predicted by your day to day living.” ~ Israelmore Ayivormb In a culture where drinking is the social norm you can easily excuse / ignore the impact it might be having on your mental health, physical health, and relationships. After

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How To Make Your New Year Resolutions A Reality

“A goal should scare you a little, and excite you a lot.” ~ Joe Vitale An increasingly popular way to clarify goals is to create a vision board of images, quotes, and statements. But emerging research identified in Neil Farber’s article suggests that this can also limit your chances of success. The studies overall found subjects who utilized

Posted by Insync-wp on 23/12/2016

The Mindfulness Revolution: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

“Few of us ever live in the present. We are forever anticipating what is to come or remembering what has gone.” ~ Louis L’Amour Are you battling to get through the day because of stress, anxiety or depression? Maybe you have always been a worrier, always planning, thinking, preparing, and stressing about the future. Or ruminating


Kerry has an ability to build rapport that allows people to feel supported and confident in her. She has an incredible ability to listen and hear what is being said verbally and beneath the surface.

Kerry helps people draw their own conclusions, seeking their own core values and allowing them to move towards their own decisions.