In my own life I have overcome a number of unwelcome and challenging life crises, including losing a parent in childhood, injury / chronic pain, and business loss.  I have discovered and learned to love me, realised strengths I never knew existed, overcome fears – an ongoing journey, and found renewed meaning and purpose in my life.

It is these experiences and the way they have profoundly impacted my life that fuel my belief in you to be able to do the same.

"No man or woman is an island, we all need support, inspiration and encouragement throughout our life journey".

How counselling can help you
Counselling offers you a safe space, free of bias, so you can explore your thoughts and uncover your own insight.  This will help you to understand your problems, and with the right tools you can begin to resolve them on your own.  This is often not possible with friends and family.

My approach to counselling can be described as ‘person-centred’, ‘strengths based’ and 'solution focused'.  Essentially this means I create a supportive, un-judgmental environment, ensuring you feel accepted and free of bias or judgment. I value your capacity for growth and change, and I recognise and draw upon your unique life experiences.

"Each of us has unlimited potential for growth and healing."   

Another key approach I use is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which utilises Mindfulness skills to help you handle painful thoughts and feelings so they have less impact and influence on your life.  ACT also assists you in clarifying what is most important and meaningful to you – your values.  The focus is on coming to terms with the past, acceptance of the present and authentic living and planning for the future.  Other therapies I use are narrative therapy, family systems therapy, cognitive and behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychotherapy.

What others are saying...

"Kerry emanates warmth, understanding and a genuine desire to help. Kerry provides me with realistic tools to work through issues and importantly, get results.

I feel comfortable trusting Kerry and I always leave feeling positive and inspired.

With Kerry's help my life is beginning to transform."

~ Monica

“Kerry has an ability to build rapport that allows people to feel supported and confident in her. She has an incredible ability to listen and hear what is being said verbally and beneath the surface.

Kerry helps people draw their own conclusions, seeking their own core values and allowing them to move towards their own decisions."

~ Katrina


"Kerry has been given a rare gift to be an exceptional counsellor and educator. Her extensive knowledge in this field has inspired many to follow their dreams and believe in themselves.

She genuinely cares about people and offers an extremely open and non-judgmental forum which allows people to disclose their most intimate and fragile issues.

I sincerely recommend Kerry to anyone seeking an excellent counsellor."

~ Michelle

“Kerry exudes love and serenity in a world that can be frenetic. She is warm, genuine and gentle, and when you have finished talking to her you walk away feeling that you were heard, understood and not judged.

I have always admired her ability to be so calm and hope one day to emulate her patience and achieve this serenity."

~ Elisabeth


Discover a richer life, full of meaning and purpose

Begin to resolve painful past experiences and learn how to be more present

Develop new capacity and skills to manage the challenges of life

Learn how to communicate with honesty and respectfulness

Develop more confidence and understanding about yourself and your relationship's

Reconnect with your true self


Qualifications / Membership

Bachelor of Social Science Counselling  ♦  ACT Training with Russ Harris  ♦  Certificate in Psychological First Aid  ♦

Certificate in Applied Suicide Intervention Training  ♦  Certificate IV in Training & Assessment 

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