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Are You Sick Of Feeling Anxious, Stressed Or Depressed?

Its Time To Take Your Life Back...

Begin to feel like yourself again

Stop feeling overwhelmed by intrusive thoughts

Start facing those situations you try so hard to avoid

Live life the way you used to or how you always wanted

Find your joy in life again

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Are You Struggling To Move Forward With Chronic Pain?

Discover your passion and purpose again...

Integrate your loss into your life moving forward

Discover your optimism and energy again

Begin to live a free and expressive life

Enjoy connecting with new and established friends

Increase your capacity to navigate change successfully

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Kerry Sutton Counsellor Robina Gold Coast



Hi there, I'm Kerry Sutton. I provide counselling in Robina on the Gold Coast, Australia, and Video counselling Online.  I'm passionate about helping people overcome difficult life challenges, and breaking free from unhelpful beliefs and coping strategies... LEARN MORE >


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  Counselling that gets you RESULTS

   NO GP REFERRAL required

   ACCREDITED counsellor

   Private and CONFIDENTIAL

  FREE 15 Minute phone consultation

   Counselling ONLINE or IN-PERSON

   FLEXIBLE appointments

  Booking is SIMPLE -  Online, Email or Phone



Kerry exudes love and serenity in a world that can be frenetic. She is warm, genuine and gentle, and when you have finished talking to her you walk away feeling that you were heard, understood and not judged.

I have always admired her ability to be so calm and hope one day to emulate her patience and achieve this serenity.



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